Experience & Publications

Over 20 years of writing, editing and manuscript preparation experience in

  • oncology

  • endocrinology 

  • reproductive biology

  • toxicology

  • molecular biology 

  • urology

  • genetics 

  • neuroscience

Published in well-regarded scientific journals

  • Annals of Oncology

  • Brain Research

  • Canadian Urological Association Journal

  • Cancer Treatment Reviews

  • Cerebellum

  • Critical Reviews in Eukaryotic Gene Expression

  • Current Oncology

  • Cytogenetic and Genome Research

  • Diabetes

  • Journal of Biological Chemistry

  • Journal of Urology

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  • Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

  • Reproductive Toxicology

  • Springerplus

  • Toxicological Sciences

  • Urology

Selected publications

Klotz L, Shayegan B, Guillemette C, Collins LL, Gotto G, Guerette D, Jammal MP, Pickles T, Richard PO, Saad F. Testosterone suppression in the treatment of recurrent or metastatic prostate cancer — A Canadian consensus statement. Canadian Urological Association Journal 2018; 12:30-37. [Full text] [PDF]

Collins LL, Lew BJ, Lawrence BP. TCDD exposure disrupts mammary epithelial cell differentiation and function. Reproductive Toxicology 2009; 28:11-7. [Full text] [PDF]

Chen YT, Collins LL, Uno H, Chou SM, Meshul CK, Chang SS, Chang C. Abnormal cerebellar cytoarchitecture and impaired inhibitory signaling in adult mice lacking TR4 orphan nuclear receptor. Brain Research 2007; 1168:72-82. [Full text] [PDF]


Kim E, Xie S, Yeh SD, Lee YF, Collins LL, Hu YC, Shyr CR, Mu XM, Liu NC, Chen YT, Wang PH, Chang C. Disruption of TR4 orphan nuclear receptor reduces the expression of liver apolipoprotein E/C-I/C-II gene cluster. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2003; 278:46919-26. [Full text] [PDF]


Collins LL, Lin DL, Mu XM, et al. Feedback regulation between orphan nuclear receptor TR2 and human papilloma virus type 16. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001; 276:27316-21. [Full text] [PDF]

Jung I, Reeder JE, Cox C, Siddiqui JF, O’Connell MJ, Collins L, Yang Z, Messing EM, Wheeless, LL. Chromosome 9 monosomy by fluorescence in situ hybridization of bladder irrigation specimens is predictive of tumor recurrence. Journal of Urology 1999; 162:1900-3