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Scientific Manuscript Development and Editing


If you have completed data collection, interpretation and your search for supporting literature, I can help fit the pieces together for a journal article, grant proposal, or research report through:

  • Collaborative outline development 

  • Writing coaching to develop first draft

If you have your manuscript draft in hand, I can help with:

  • Big picture assessment and structural editing

  • Line editing for concision and clarity

  • Proofreading and final polish

Additional services:

  • Guidance in journal selection

  • Review of manuscript or proposal to ensure style and format meet journal or funding agency specifications (e.g., word count, image size and resolution, required disclosures)

  • Review and feedback on tables and figure design

  • Editing and proofreading of cover letters, supplementary data files or other documents to be submitted

  • Slide deck and poster development, editing

Please contact me with any questions or to discuss the details of your project. I'd love to help you share your discovery!